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WTC Construction Update, December 2012

WTC Construction Update, December 2012

Dec 31, 2012

4 World Trade Center

Structural steel is now topped out at the 72nd floor, with only upper mechanical and roof bulkhead construction left. Elevators continue to be installed at shafts up to the 50th floor with separator beam pockets being filled with high strength grout. Concrete and core walls are completed through the 72nd floor, as are column encasements.  Curtain wall installation, which began in late April 2011, has reached the 70th floor.  Glazing (glass installation) in is progress on the commercial lobby and retail store fronts on the east, west, and south elevations. The Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) is expected in the Fall of 2013.

3 World Trade Center 

Concrete placements for above grade decks are almost complete, with only two decks left to be poured. All steel columns are now erected with spray-fireproofing operations and are complete through the 4th floor. Installations of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection utilities and CMU walls are continuing on all below grade levels. There is currently one tower crane active on site for steel erection. The tower’s lower podium reached its full seven-story height in November 2012. Fabrication of curtain wall panels continues in facilities in Connecticut, Canada, and Italy.

2 World Trade Center 

As of December 2012, steel and concrete are now complete at the 2 World Trade Center structure to grade project. Current work includes completing the temporary ground and second floor metal panel store front installation and the site fence. Installation of the building mechanical systems is nearing completion throughout the basement levels.

1 World Trade Center

Under the Port Authority’s supervision, tower steel has topped out at the 105th floor with the fitting of the glass curtain wall above the 90th floor and concrete floors poured above the 104th  floor. Installation of the 408-foot-tall telecommunications spire began in December 2012 and will continue through early 2013, bringing the tower to its complete height of 1776 feet. Core shear walls topped out in October 2012 with the final concrete placement extending walls to the 104th floor mezzanine. The elevator landings, stairs and related structural elements are now completed to the 102nd floor mezzanine. All trusses for the east lobby escalators are set in position and the installation of escalators 1-7 are in progress at the east lobby areas between the B2 and ground floor levels. Spray-on fireproofing is underway and there are multiple cranes on site for continuing steel and concrete installations.


World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Steel erections for the Transportation Hub oculus substructure have begun, as has construction connecting to the Vehicular Security Center.  Steel and concrete have been placed underneath the 1 subway line along the Greenwich Street corridor. The steel installation for the oculus superstructure is set to begin in December 2012. The Transportation Hub construction contract was awarded to Skanska in summer 2010. Construction of the West Street pedestrian underpass (the “east-west connector”) , linking the World Trade Center with Battery Park City’s World Financial Center, is now active on the west side of the WTC site ( just south of 1 WTC and across West Street). The east-west connector structural components are being installed across West Street. Additionally, head house construction is active outside the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden.  

National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center

Both the structural steel and façade installations are now complete at the above-ground Memorial Pavilion. The National September 11 Museum is now in the midst of interior fit-out and artifact installation in the underground space with the opening date TBA. Within the Pavilion, electrical contractors are installing buss ducts and working on wire terminations, while carpenters are installing black iron and framing.  In the Memorial Museum, the plumbing contractors have begun installing trolley beams in the north mechanical room and electrical contractors are working on lighting controls, the electric feed for passenger elevators. With more than 225 trees now on site, more soil installation and tree planting is underway and will continue in phases through 2013. The Memorial reflecting pools and waterfalls were commissioned in late August 2011 with the bronze nameplate installation completed in June 2011.  The “Survivors Stairway” was relocated to its permanent home in the underground Memorial in December 2008 and the Slurry wall reinforcement was completed in spring 2009. 75% of the Memorial Plaza opened on September 11, 2011 and has hosted over 4.5 million visitors to date.  

World Trade Center Vehicular Security Center

Structural steel in the Vehicular Security Center is substantially complete with over 9,000 tons erected to date. Concrete work is now progressing with more than 9,700 cubic yards of concrete poured- about 34% of the total. The Main sprinkler pipe installation has been initiated in the Sub-Basement and Bus Parking Levels as part of the MEP work, Phase I. Hot water and chilled water line installations have begun on the Bus Parking level, as has welding work. MEP work continues on to Phase II as the contractors are performing deck layout of conduit and sleeves on the street levels, and installation of conduit on the Bus Parking Level. Construction of the spiral driveway and utility tie-ins has begun at the South Bathtub, bounded by Liberty, Washington, Albany and Greenwich Streets.    

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